PAPER WASPS is an exciting new feature length thriller about three vigilantes known as Sister Mercy, Hammer Hank, and Nightchild! They are devote on cleansing the streets of what they refer to as 'scum,' namely rapists and child predators. While they stalk the streets and hunt for their prey, a greater threat begins to emerge. THE WOLF prowls the spaces between reality and dreams inducing chaos and madness on all those who cross his path. . .

DARKSLIDE PICTURES is proud to announce that a successful Indiegogo campaign for PAPER WASPS allowed us to raise over $1,000 CAD towards the project. This ensures that we will have total and complete creative control while pursuing the vision of Director Brendan Petersen.

The film is scheduled for release on Halloween 2017 through Vimeo on Demand as well as exclusive physical copies that will be created through various formats and will only be available through this website.

This is a completely independent production that is self-financed and is being shot locally in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. We strive to offer unique stories and visions that showcase the diversity and culture of our local surroundings. Stay tuned for more information as the project progresses!


Teaser Trailer




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